Sugar Industry Technologists

Sixty-Eighth Annual Technical Conference, May 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Characteristics of Refined Sugarcane Molasses (CaneEssence™)
Items Contents
Concentration of (Brix) 67.53
pH 6.43
Conductivity (µs/cm) 1880
Color (IU) 833,137
Polyphenolic content on dried weight (%) 27.64
ORAC (µmole TE/g dried solid) 6,900
TEAC (µmole TE /g dry solid) 3279
DPPH (%) 94.6
SOD (U/g) 3332.1
Acute oral toxicity : LD50 > 15g/kg body weight Passed
Molasses color (IU) 95,000


Microorganism Analysis on Refined Sugarcane Molasses (CaneEssence™)
Microbe (CFU/g)
Staphylococcus aureus ND (not detected)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa ND
Mold ND
Yeast ND


Polyphenol Content of Various Antioxidant Samples
Extract Concentration (%) Polyphenol Content on Dry Weight (%)
Sugarcane Extract 70.95 23.67
Grape Extract 4.22 0.84
Red Wine Extract 1.31 8.34
Oleuropein Extract 6.03 1.35
Green Tea Extract 1.43 4.39


Comparison of Anti-Oxidative Capacities

The inhibitions (%) of all the extract samples were all less than half of that of refined sugarcane molasses. The antioxidant capacity of the refined sugarcane molasses was the highest of all the samples.