Community Service


Dr. Chung Chi Chou


Community Service in Association with the Wellbrook Foundation

The founder of CaneEssence™ USA, Inc, Dr. Chung Chi Chou, is also the founder and president of the Wellbrook Foundation which has been serving communities since 1989 by providing the “transfer of technologies to next generation programs”. He has authored and edited two sugar handbooks with all royalties being donated to the Wellbrook Foundation. The handbooks have not only provided an invaluable reference tool for experienced technologists but have also proven to be an invaluable aid in training those who are just entering the world sugar industries. In 1993, Wellbrook Foundation funded the translation and publishing of the 12th Edition of the Cane Sugar Handbook into Chinese in order to help develop the Chinese sugar industry. Dr. Chou has also lectured on sugar technologies in 23 countries over the years.

Wellbrook Foundation, under the direction of Dr. Chou, has:

Wellbrook Foundation’s recent activities involve helping the Taiwanese aborigines:

The Wellbrook Foundation has received proclamation from Steve Levy, County Executive of Suffolk County, New York for significant service to the Asian American community.

Dr. Chou received proclamation and recognition on May 9, 2009 from Steve Levy, County Executive of Suffolk County, New York for his many outstanding achievements and philanthropic activities.